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Visit India in 2016

India has always been a great value for folks holding USD, Canadian Money, or European Dollars. This year its on Bootsnall’s Top 10 Value Destinations for Australian Dollar Travelers as well.

There’s no shortage of adventure to be found in India:

Start with 10 Ways to Experience India Now.

Will you visit the slums while you are in India? There are two sides to the Slum Tourism Debate. It’s worth thinking about ahead of time.

Of course you’re going to want to hit the highlights while you’re in India, but Finding Authenticity Among the Over-rated is sometimes a challenge.

If you’re planning to brave public transportation then this is a helpful Guide to Public Busses in India.

India can be overwhelming to the senses, here are Tips for Surviving Your First Trip to India.

There are a lot of crazy adventures to be had in India. The biggest of them all might just be the Rickshaw Rally. Check out the wildest race on three wheels from the Driver’s Seat of an Auto Rickshaw.

The train system can seem overwhelming and impossible to navigate upon first look. Take a deep breath. Read this Guide to Train Travel in India before you take the plunge into Mumbai’s central station.

India. 2016. This is your year. Go.