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Without a doubt India is a “monster” country: it’s big, it’s crowded, it’s hectic but it’s absolutely beautiful! There are plenty of travel guides written about this South Asian country and even those can’t comprise everything about it. So read the page for a glimpse of what to expect in India.

Flights to India

The first thing to consider when planning your vacation in India is your plane ticket. With so many airlines flying into the country it’s quite easy to find a cheap ticket. Just make sure to book well in advance.

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Where to stay in India

The next step to planning your vacation is finding a place to stay. India can be both cheap and expensive when it comes to accommodation. If you are the independent type of traveler, a private room in a hostel would probably serve you best if you want both the privacy and company of fellow travelers. For about US$20 you can stay in really decent rooms. If you prefer luxury, on the other hand, check out the luxury beach resorts.

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Getting around in India

Flying is by far the best way to travel in India. Even the railways are starting to feel the competition the low-cost carriers are posing. So do your homework and research the possible flights. It’s cheap and fast.

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The Indian cities are notorious for the hectic and crowded traffic. They are not walking friendly and renting a bike or scooter is not exactly the safest thing to do either. Buses are good alternative to walking though. They are cheap and used by pretty much everyone. Auto Rickshaws are also a good idea in the big cities such as Mumbai. They run on fixed routes and fares.

Things to do in India

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