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Touring India by Train

goa-sunsetTrain travel in India is a way of life and for the tourists, a magical way to explore the country. You can stop wherever you want, spend couple of days checking out the beautiful towns and then continue your trip.

There are six classes to choose from and depending on how long the train ride is, you should choose the sleeper class or 3rd AC. The 3rd AC class comprises compartments with 6 bunks per compartment. The sleeper class is similar to the 3rd AC but without AC or bedding.

First you need to get a cheap flight to India . Once in the country, you can start your journey by train. For example, you can fly into Mumbai and take the train to Ganapatiphule, located along the western coast of Maharashtra. It offers a mix of religion and relaxation which entices the tourists. You should plan to spend couple of days here.

Next, head to Sindhudurg, the former the naval base of the Maratha leader, a place popular for the pristine waters and narrow beaches. Plan to spend at least a day here, checking out the Sindhudurg Fort and the beaches.

Then take the train to Goa. Look for hotels in Goa and plan to spend several days here. There are a lot of things to do here. And of course, you should take the time to soak up the sun.

Next stop is Kolhapur, where you can visit some beautiful temples. You should plan to stay at least a day here. Now it’s time to visit Aurangabad, a city with a rich history and interesting places to visit. Don’t miss visiting the Daulatabad Fort and the Ellora Caves.

Take the train back to Mumbai. Spend couple of days here if you want, and then go back home.