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Plan Your Next RTW Trip

Many of us start traveling while we are kids… road trips with families, ski or beach resort vacations. The travel bug surely bits us early in our lives. Then we continue to enjoy school trips and suddenly we realize we can travel independently and the world has a totally new meaning to us.

After visiting several places, very soon we start to think about RTW travel . It’s a traveler’s dream to spend a long time visiting different countries and enjoying a lot of new experiences.

Asia, and India in particular, has always been a stop on the RTW routes. Accommodation is cheap, food is cheap and quite interesting and there are a lot of things to visit. Thailand shares the same arguments for being a preferred destination for those going on RTW trips.

But before you start planning your RTW trip, you should look for the best around the world ticket … according to your needs. If you depart from the USA or Canada, the best choice is BootsnAll airtreks, while if you leave from London, then a good choice is The Great Escapade.

Of course, you can always build your own trip. For example, you can look for cheap tickets to India , explore the country and then head to Thailand. From there you can visit China and then fly all the way to Russia. Explore Europe and then plan your flight back home. Should you have enough money and time on your hands, make sure to plan a visit to Northern Africa as well. Morocco and Egypt are always interesting places to visit.