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India is Perfect for Family Adventures

goa-wildlifeThe words “adventure travel” and “family vacation” don’t exactly mix in many parents’ minds… but that’s not entirely true. Sure, most of the adults think of paragliding, bungee jumping and other risky activities suitable for an adventure vacation. But do remember that cycling, hiking and rafting trips are also considered adventure vacations and are excellent choices for family adventure travel .

The so called “soft adventures” include camping, safaris, canoeing, fishing, bird watching and hiking. And India is an excellent choice for such activities. You can book the package before you leave home or you can choose the type of adventure when you get to India. Almost any part of the country has a potential for adventure travel so it’s only a matter of personal choice.

For of all, book the cheap tickets to India in advance to make sure you save some money on airfare.

Then choose where you want to spend the vacation. For example, Goa is an excellent choice if you want to try windsurfing, parasailing, wildlife watching, scuba diving or fishing. Cheap hotels in Goa are plentiful and you’ll definitely like the atmosphere.

If you travel with kids, you can choose a wildlife adventure. Goa region is home to 8 genera of mammals, 276 genera of birds and 60 genera of reptiles and, as a result, there are 3 wild life sanctuaries and 1 bird sanctuary. The scenic beauty and the possibility to watch the animals and birds in their natural habitat can be really exciting for the kids.

Scuba diving is a great choice for older kids and adults alike. Underwater visibility ranges from 5 to 10 meters and there is a lot of colorful marine life to check out.