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India in December

December in India ranges from wet to cold and absolutely a delight. It’s the time to visit the places which are scorching hot during the rest of the year. You can visit Delhi and the surrounding areas, head to Goa or plan a visit to Taj Mahal.


While the weather is hot in India during most of the year, from December to February , the cool weather allows visitors to visit quite a lot of places which are scorching hot during other months. Ladakh is extremely cold now and the roads are closed (since October). Western India is pleasant now but evenings can be quite cold. The best weather is in southwest India.

Some sample temperatures:

Agra avg high 24C / avg low 6C
Delhi avg high 21C / avg low 9C
Chennai avg high 27C / avg low 22C
Bangalore avg high 25C / avg low 17C
Mumbai avg high 30C / avg low 20C
Calcutta avg high 25C / avg low 14C

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Flights and accommodation

December is definitely one of the most popular times to visit India , however, don’t really worry about airfare . Yes, you should plan in advance but instead of flying directly to Goa, for example, you can fly into Delhi and then travel overland for the last leg of the trip. A round trip flight from London to Delhi will set you back US$887 in mid-December; while a round trip flight from New York to Delhi starts at US$984. Flying into Bangalore is more expensive now than during June or June.

When it comes to accommodation , it’s not hard to find affordable hotels online. If you think those are too expensive in December the other option is to look for hostels . Still, expect to pay from Rs 950 for a night in Bangalore and from Rs 550 for a night in Delhi (in 2-star hotels in both cases).

Things to do

Now it’s pleasant to head to Agra and visit Taj Mahal . Actually, pack a jacket because the nights can be quite cold. And while you are here, don’t miss Delhi either. It is known for the historical monuments and the beautiful gardens.

Goa is definitely a must visit place now. The land of sun, sea and surf is at is best in December. And let’s not forget the seafood.

Shillong, in north east India, is famous for the waterfalls and hills. The natural beauty attracts many visitors and you should plan a trip here, as well.

December is also filled with festivals in India. Head to the tiny Kisama Heritage Village for the Hornbill Festival, which a major celebrations of the indigenous warrior tribes of the region. Purchase some local handicrafts and listen to the music. But plan in advance because you need to get a permit to enter the state.

Toshali National Crafts Mela in Janata Maidan is the place to get your Christmas shopping done. It feels like a rural market and you can purchase a lot of interesting things. Or you can visit the Shilpgram Art and Craft Fair, in Shilpgram, near Udaipur, to get some souvenirs and listen to Indian music.

Chennai Music Festival is one of the largest cultural events in the world and features Indian music, dance , as well as other arts. It takes place from mid December to mid January.

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