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India: Best Choice for a March Vacation

March marks the start of spring. If your travel feet itch, you’ve probably started wondering where to go in March . Europe is still rather cold and the weather is unstable but the low season definitely insures low costs. Asia is a good choice and India an excellent one! The weather is warm , but not hot, and there re quite a lot of deals to choose from. As for the Southern Hemisphere, March means fall is approaching and the deals are still excellent.

But let’s get back to India. There are quite a lot of travel deals in Spring available now. As it happens with most Asian destinations, it’s a little expensive to get there but once you’ve arrived, you don’t need a big budget for your daily expenses.

So, make sure to book the cheap tickets to India ahead of time. If you fly from London into New Delhi, in early March, expect to pay from £404 round trip per person on Gulf Air, while if you fly from New York, the rates start at $1079 round trip person on Qatar Airways.

Most travelers have a shock when they visit India for the first time. The large cities can be overwhelming and not exactly traveler-friendly. But if you plan to relax, head to one of the beach areas, such as Goa. Most travelers arrive via Mumbai.

Accommodation in Goa ranges from very cheap to luxury. You can easily find rooms in resorts from $43 per night, for example. If you don’t look for resort facilities, a room in a 3-star hotel starts at $28 per night.