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Search hostels in India with up-to-date availability and book a hostel in India.

Hostel in indiaIndia is not exactly a small country , so visiting it in one trip is impossible, well…unless you plan to stay here for a while. But that’s ok, because you’ve got a reason to come back. However, traveling to India isn’t the cheapest thing on Earth, so you will want to save money. And one of the best ways to save money is to choose to stay in hostels in India.

India is one of the most sought after destinations by the backpackers and those going on RTW trips. Hostels generally cater for these types of tourists but lately they also started to offer private rooms so families and couples can feel more welcomed and have the needed privacy.

Need to know

Typically, the accommodation is the second most important thing in your budget, so you need to choose it wisely. Thankfully, there are plenty of hostels to choose from in India, regardless of what you traveling type is.

You should know that hostels aren’t just for the young crowds. There aren’t any age limits for staying in hostels in India and if some hostels still apply such a rule, the age limit will be mentioned (so you can easily find an alternative). Still, usually hostels tend to be noisier than hotels, but exceptions to the rule exist.

Not all hostels are created equal: some offer only basic facilities while some resemble a mini hotel. Read the descriptions carefully and don’t underestimate the travelers’ reviews either.

Aside from saving money while staying in a hostel in India, you can also enjoy other benefits. Such as socializing (no, I do no mean online!). You can meet like-mined people and share stories, meals and a drink or to. Maybe you can travel together from now on or form a friendship to last for a lifetime.

If the typical dorm isn’t exactly your cup of tea, then relax. Because you can choose the private rooms (and many come with private bathrooms, too). They tend to be slightly more expensive than dorm beds, but usually cheaper than hotel rooms.

If you wonder about the prices, here are some for you. In Mumbai, many 1-star hotels are considered hostels (thanks to the prices and facilities). Expect to pay from Rs 744 / US$14 per night in a dorm and about the same for a bed in a private room. In Bangalore, beds tend to be cheaper: from Rs 478 / US$9 per person per night in a private room. Chennai is just as expensive as Mumbai when it comes to hostel beds, while Goa can be even cheaper than Bangalore (beds in private rooms from Rs 319 / US$6).

As a rule of thumb, the more popular the area is among the backpackers , the more options you’ll find and the cheaper the prices.

Book your bed/room in advance. Mostly during the high season it’s hard to find available rooms in the most popular hostels.

Budget hotels, inns and guesthouses are also listed under “hostels” in online booking systems.

Worth Trying

New Delhi

Home Away From Home is a hostel in New Delhi. Not exactly in the touristy area, the hostel is, however, perfect for women traveling alone. There is AC in each room; there are security lockers and a kitchen area which can be used by guests. Breakfast, linen and airport pick-up are included in the room price. There are both female dorms and private rooms available. The bed price in a dorm starts at 444 Rs/night, while the double room costs 666 Rs/night/person.

Hotel Bright is a budget hotel in New Delhi and is ideally located near many tourist sites. All rooms have AC. A double room costs 650 Rs/night/person if the bathroom is shared and 950 Rs/night/person if the bathroom is ensuite.


Hostel Goa Darshan offers female and male dorms (not mixed!) as well as private rooms. Each room has AC and security lockers. Breakfast, linen and airport pick-up are included in the room price. The bed in dorms starts at 350 Rs/night while the private double room with bathroom ensuite costs 750 Rs/night/person.

Leoney Resort is a budget resort which offers villas and cottages at very affordable prices. Each room has AC and security lockers. A double private room with bathroom ensuite costs 750 Rs/night/person.


The Explorers Nest is a very small bed and breakfast place in Jaipur and offers only 5 rooms (all private rooms). It’s considered one of the best hostels in Jaipur. Breakfast is included in the room price. All rooms are equipped with AC and there’s a kitchen area available to the guests. A double room costs 350 Rs/night/person (bathroom ensuite).

LandMark Residency is another small but nice hostel in Jaipur. It offers only private rooms. All rooms have AC, while the breakfast and airport pick-up are included in the room price. A twin double room with bathroom ensuite costs 750 Rs/night/person.