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Hiring a private guide for your vacation

I often cringe at the idea of being part of a guided tour…actually, last time I was slightly interested in such an experience was when visiting a cave (and I thought I might as well learn something about it). Needless to say, being part of a 20 persons group didn’t exactly satisfy my need for learning about the place…

For an independent traveler, the idea of going on organized tours is as appealing as having a tarantula crawl on your skin… but we all know that skipping the tours means we aren’t getting the entire story of the place we visit. So, the middle ground is to find out how to hire a private guide and actually enjoy the experience.

The whole point to having a private guide is to enhance your vacation; so start looking for guides as soon as you’ve figured out the details of your flight to India . It’s a good idea to ask around, especially your friends who have had such experiences. And do check out the travel boards and ask questions. Independent travelers really help one another!

When visiting India, it’s not enough to search for cheap hotels in Mumbai … you also need to plan your itinerary and once you’ve got an idea of what you want, start putting together possible itineraries to explore with your guide.

Granted, a private guide costs more than an organized tour but the experience is totally different. Think about it as having a friend in India, who knows everything about the place and is eager to show you around.

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