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Getting from Delhi to Goa

Delhi is India’s second largest metropolis and New Delhi, part of Delhi, is India’s capital. But don’t worry if you hear people referring to the capital using both names; it’s common and the names are interchangeable.

Goa is a former Portuguese colony and comprises a unique mix of Portuguese culture and architecture. It is a major tourism hub in the country and also one of India’s most charming “cities”.

Quick summary

Unless your budget is extremely low, then choose an AC sleeper for your journey. If the idea of spending 30h+ on the train doesn’t appeal to you, then travel to Mumbai and visit the city before heading to Goa.

Flights from Delhi (airport code: DEL) to Goa

Delhi is served by Indira Gandhi International Airport (DEL), the main international airport in the National Capital Region of Delhi. The airport is located 16 km from New Delhi and is the busiest airport in the country in terms of traffic. It is hub for the following airlines: Air India, Air India Regional, Blue Dart Aviation, GoAir, IndiGo, Jagson Airlines, JetLite, Jet Airways, Kingfisher Airlines and SpiceJet.

Dabolim Airport (GOI) is the only airport serving the state of Goa and is located in Vasco da Gama. It handles both domestic and international flights.

Flights between Delhi and Goa are operated by: Air India, GoAir, IndiaGo, JetLite, Kingfisher Airlines and SpiceJet. In early 2012, non stop flights start at Rs 9584 / US$181 one way ; however, 1 stop flights via Mumbai, start at Rs 4500 / US$85 one way on Air India. The travel time is about 4 h (including the stop over). Round trip flights start at Rs 8366 / US$158 (1 stop; on Kingfisher Air).

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Buses and trains from Delhi to Goa

Most of the bus services to Goa are from Mumbai and Pune; so your best bet is to first travel from Delhi to either Mumbai or Pune and then travel further to Goa.

1. Delhi to Mumbai by train; with no info on buses from Delhi to Mumbai, your other cheap option is the train. There are 10 daily departures (the first train is at 5:20 a.m.) and the travel time is 16 h to 31h, depending on the train. The cheapest fare is Rs 390 / US$7 in a sleeper without AC. The fare is Rs 542 / US$10 if you choose a chair seat in an AC car; or Rs 1500 / US$28 if you choose a sleeper in an AC car.

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2. Mumbai to Goa by bus; there are buses departing in the afternoon and night; the travel time is about 12 hour and the fares start at Rs 300 / US$6 one way (normal seat, no AC); if you choose a sleeper in an AC bus, the fare is Rs 800 / US$15 one way. There are about 30 departures per day from Mumbai.

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Or you can take the train directly from Delhi to Goa. The travel time is between 25 1/2 h and 35 h, but only two trains leave daily (Goa Express at 3:05 p.m. and Mngla Lksdp Exp at 9:20 a.m.). You can book the ticket on line . Single tickets start R 520 / US$10. If you choose an AC sleeper, then the price is Rs 2035 / US$38.50 one way.

Driving from Delhi to Goa

If you are brave enough to rent a car and drive in India, then be prepared for about 1890 km on the road. Of course, you need to plan this carefully with enough sleep breaks to make sure you are not very tired when you drive. The total drive time is 1 day 3 hours (via NH 3).

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