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Discovering yourself while traveling

Every journey is a path to self discovery. Call me crazy, but even several days in a national park somewhere in the middle of Eastern Europe will give you a lot to think about and discover new things about yourself.

Undoubtedly, a journey to far away places opens up a host of possibilities and moments to discover ourselves. We not call it the Eat Pray Love effect , but travelers have done this before the book and movie. Traveling has always been a journey to self discovery, whether you know it or not.

And what better place to visit when you try to find something new about yourself then India? Every person I know and who has visited the country has told me that something happened and they changed during the vacation. So, hurry up and look for cheap international plane tickets . Then , make sure to choose one of the hotels in Mumbai . Of course, you can easily plan a tour of the country and explore the area as much as you can.

If you are wondering about the budget, suffice to say that you’ll be racking up money for the flight. Otherwise, everything else is very cheap. And if you plan correctly, the flight won’t set you back that much either. A round trip flight from London in late January starts at $672 (on Swiss), while if you fly from New York expect to pay at least $908 for a round trip (on Gulf Air).

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