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Consider Teaching English in Pakistan

For travelers looking to settle in one region and explore while living like a local and making a bit of money to fun their travels, teaching English is an ideal job. In Asia, South America, and Eastern Europe, expats enjoy a high standard of living and get the opportunity to live and work in a foreign country. But many never consider Pakistan. Yes, there are “danger pay” bonuses, but the rewards may outweigh the risks for some.

The cost of living is quite low in Pakistan, which means most expats and teachers can enjoy a high quality of life without spending too much. Most expats hire full-time drivers for for 10,000 rupees ($118) or less per month,  live in upscale neighborhoods, and employ staff like a cook, gardener, nanny and night watchman. A budget hotel in Pakistan is only a fraction of what it costs in other countries, so if you’re coming with a hefty savings account balance, you can even live in style.

Dining out is equally affordable. Though you’ll find American chains like McDonald’s, Pizza Hut  KFC, and Subway, you can also immerse yourself in the local cuisine at cheap streets stalls serving hot soup, spicy daal (lentils), biryani, grilled meats, and other Pakistani food, which is similar to North Indian food, where where two people can easily dine for around 1000 rupees ($12).

It’s relatively easy to get a job teaching in Pakistan as well, though you may face unexpected challenges in rural and poor areas. Pakistan’s literacy rate is less than 50%. Expat teachers in Pakistan do require valid work visas, which many schools will provide. It’s easiest to get a job  between January and April for the following academic year, and you’ll have a better chance with at least two years of international teaching experience and a valid teaching license.

Although many Pakistanis speak English, it’s helpful to know some Urdu, which can help you make friends among the locals, and keep you from being quoted the inflated tourist rate at most shops.

Teaching English in Pakistan is obviously not for everyone, but if you’re looking for a unique place to live and work as an English teacher, it may be for you. Ready to pack your bags and go? Check out cheap flights to Pakistan and start planning!

Photo by GothPhil