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Cheap Hotels in Chennai

Chennai, formerly known as Madras, is India’s fourth largest city. Located in the south part of the country , it is a very popular seashore city, which draws a lot of visitors. Being a large city means that there are plenty of hotels available for any budget. With a bit of luck and if you search ahead of time, you can grab good prices for hotels which usually cost more.

As a rule of thumb, the closer to the beach you want to stay, the more the hotel room will cost. Hotels closer to the Central Train station typically cost less than those closer to the sea side.

When it comes to prices, expect to pay from Rs 700 per night in a standard double room (1 star hotel close to the Central Train Station).Two star hotels will set you back from Rs 1950 per night in a deluxe double room , in a hotel located opposite the Egmore Railway Station. By the beach, expect to pay from Rs 1600 per night for a double room in a 3-star hotel.

Search this map to find cheap hotels in Chennai, or find even more hotel options by searching with the widget above.

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