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After your plane ticket to India, choosing your accommodation will evidently be the next step. Planning in advance can sure pay off; not necessarily in terms of prices but in making sure you will have a place to stay once you get to India.

Sleeping in India can be very cheap, affordable or expensive, depending on where you are heading to and what you are choosing.

Here is a description of the types of accommodation you can expect in India.


Hotels in India come in a variety of categories: from cheap budget places to luxurious resorts. Contrary to what you expect, you’ll be paying a bit more to stay in the cities, rather than in a beach area. Plan and book ahead to be sure you have a place to stay once you get to India. Most hotels offer airport pick-up included in the room price. Some offer breakfast and complimentary drinks as well.

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India is backpacker’s heaven and when it comes to hostels they sure have lots of nice places to sleep. Budget hotels, bed & breakfast, budget resorts, guesthouses and hostels all can be found under the name “hostels” on reservations systems. You can stay in really nice places in private rooms for less than US$20/night. Most often the breakfast and airport pick-up are included in the room price.

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